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Finger millet (Ragi) Cookies
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Finger millet (Ragi) Cookies

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Ingredients: Finger (Ragi) Millet, Roasted Gram, Country Sugar, Ghee and Cashew.

Rich in Protein, Fiber, anti oxidants, vitamins & minerals like Calcium, Iron

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Finger Millet (ragi) cookies, healthy anytime snacks. It can be consumed by people of all age group. Our millet cookies are loaded with all natural and organic ingredients making delicious yet healthy. Get it from https://www.biteskart.com Health Benefits of finger Millet (ragi) cookies: 
  • Highest Protein Content – An incomparable protein content with rice and easily digestible for kids is this ragi laddu as it is made of jaggery powder, pure certified organic ghee and organic ragi. The reason for which it is the first food that we start to give babies even when they are even 4 to 6 months old is only because it digests quickly. 
  • Premier source of calcium – Nearly 5 to 30 times higher calcium content than the other cereal is present in Ragi and in a delicious laddu form which gives enormous energy. Not only calcium but also rich in potassium, phosphorous and iron and thus, reduces risk of osteoporosis.
  • A natural antibiotic – Ragi acts as against a number of bacteria causing food poisoning including Bacillus cereus. Ragi is the best food when you have typhoid. Any kind of skin and soft tissue infections are perfectly cured with ragi.
  • Potential of anti-cancer properties – A byword in health books today is “anti-oxidants” and that is available in ample amounts only in the cheapest available whole grain ragi.
  • Fiber rich food – As it is rich in fiber, ragi has always proved to help in weight loss. Consumed in the morning times when you are very hungry these laddu gives instant energy to you for the whole day to be active enough.
  • Totally reverts skin ageing – Those who need a young and youthful skin have to definitely eat ragi on a daily basis. Only one source of vitamin D in your food and is a best carrier molecule for calcium accounting for your vitality. Due to collagen cross-linking, the stiffness in your skin is reduced. 
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