Great Millet (Chollam) crunch (200g)

Great Millet (Chollam) crunch (200g)

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  • Freshly made
  • Hygienically prepared
  • Made with premium quality marachekku oil
  • Made with great millet bought directly from farmers
  • No palm oil is used
  • No added artificial flavor
  • No added preservatives or colors
  • 100% natural

Are you looking for a healthy crunch for your evening snacks or for sharing joy during festival time?

When it comes to buying a product people get many questions in choosing the right product, we are here to guide you. There are some common questions people get in their mind during purchase.

There are many snack varieties available in the market, Are they trustworthy?

There are many products which only contain artificial flavors and colors. Some products are fried in palm oil and sold. They also contain many chemical compounds which can deteriorate the health of the kids. The artificial coloring compound may be attractive and the kids tend to buy those but us, the parents should know the complete details of the product that we buy for the kids.


It is our tradition to give sweets and savories while visiting friends and family or during a festive season. It is a traditional snack that is served along with evening tea or coffee. It has been in the tradition for a long time but we have made some changes in the ingredients to make it more healthier for your friends and family. This is made from great millet that is called chollam. Share love with a healthier option join hands with biteskart, we give complete guarantee for the product we sell. They do not contain any artificial flavors or colors and are prepared from good quality oil. Hence it will be a better snacking option for the kids and elders. Enjoy this festive season with great millet (chollam) ribbons from biteskart.


Sorghum bicolor, commonly called sorghum and also known as great millet, broomcorn, guinea corn, durra, imphee, jowar, or milo, is a grass species cultivated for its grain, which is used for food for humans, animal feed, and ethanol production. Sorghum originated in Africa, and is now cultivated widely in tropical and subtropical regions. Sorghum is the world’s fifth-most important cereal crop after rice, wheat, maize, and barley, with 59.34 million metric tons of annual global production in 2018. 


  • Augments Eye Health – Corn comprises a vast array of key antioxidants. These scavenge harmful free radicals from optic tissues and enhance eyesight. In addition, they protect the delicate organelles of the eye from damage, preventing vision disorders like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration.
  • Supplies Essential Amino Acids – Corn is composed of certain key amino acids, making it a unique plant-based source of high-quality proteins.
  • Supports A Gluten-Free Diet – A significant number of young adults and older people tend to develop intolerance towards the gluten proteins in cereals like wheat, that, unfortunately, is a regular ingredient in Indian dishes. Corn, being organically gluten-free, hence it can be consumed.
  • Fortifies Bone Density – Corn being a fantastic source of natural calcium, strengthens bones in growing children. It also restores optimum bone density in older people, assisting in alleviating osteoporosis symptoms.
  • Keeps Blood Sugar Levels In Check – It lowers high blood sugar in those with diabetes. Corn is indeed a healthy option for accelerating weight loss and managing other lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity.
  • Treats Anaemia – Iron deficiency anaemia affects countless Indian men, women and children every year, leading to excessive fatigue and low productivity levels. Corn is a powerhouse of iron, serving as a boon for people who experience low haemoglobin levels in the blood, thus effectively treating anaemia.
  • Augments Heart Health – Corn is completely devoid of cholesterol and sodium. Furthermore, the abundance of dietary fibers and vitamin B3 or niacin helps to enhance good HDL levels and diminish bad LDL levels. This averts plaque and fatty deposits in heart vessels, easing cardiac muscle function and improving heart health.
  • Treats Hypertension – Being rich in the mineral potassium, which functions as a key electrolyte in the body, corn helps to lower high blood pressure and effectively treat instances of hypertension. This in turn averts the risk of other grave cardiac disorders such as heart attacks.
INGREDIENTS:  Great millet, pepper, salt, oil. SHELF-LIFE:
  • Shelf-life of great millet green chilli crunch is 1 month.
  • Can be stored at room temperature.
  • Great millet (chollam) green chilli crunch is available through out the year.
  • Shipped in 2-3 days when ordered.
  • All the items are prepared after the order is given, this is to ensure that our customers receive the most fresh items and hence takes 2 days for shipping.
You can also order other traditional snacks like madras special mixture, adhirasam to enjoy along with the great millet green chilli crunch at with your family and friends.


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