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Assorted Laddu Gift Hamper
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Assorted Laddu Gift Hamper

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Christmas, a festival of joy that is celebrated by all the people around the world. This holiday season brings family and friends together to enjoy the final week of the year. Every ending has a new beginning, here comes the end to this year. Welcome the new year with full positivity. We at biteskart are also happy to introduce some of your favorites for starting the year with. Marg foods is providing a gift hamper box that contains six different kinds of millet laddu. This festival is all about gifts and happiness. Share your happiness by gifting this assorted laddu gift hamper to your family and friends. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

What this hamper contains?

  • Foxtail millet (thinai) laddu
  • Finger millet (ragi) laddu
  • Pearl millet ( kambu) laddu
  • Green gram laddu
  • Black gram laddu
  • Red rice laddu
There are many health benefits in this laddu, they are rich in protein, rich in fiber and contains only brown sugar. Even small kids can consume these laddyu. Get other healthy millet sweets and savories here https://biteskart.com/product-category/all-products/ We always wanted to take a healthy step each year but we tend to fail. But this year we are here to help you achieve it with healthy and tasty treats from Marg foods. Get other kinds of gift hamper at https://www.biteskart.com


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