Pearl millet laddu
Pearl millet (Kambu) laddu
Pearl millet (Kambu) laddu

Pearl millet (Kambu) laddu

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Pearl millet laddu


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Highlights :

  • Fresh home made laddu
  • Made with premium quality country sugar
  • Made with premium quality uthukuli cow ghee
  • Made with pearl millet bought directly from farmers
  • No artificial ingredients present
  • No added preservatives or colors
  • 100% Natural

Are you looking for a healthy dessert for everyday munch after a meal

or for sharing joy during festival time ? 

When it comes to buying a product people get soo much confused in choosing the right product, we are here to guide you. There are some common question people get in their mind during purchase.


Laddu are nice to eat. The round texture, the smell of pure ghee and jaggery powder. Kids like to consume laddu, giving them laddu containing refined sugar will be tasty but the health is being affected. Buy and give your kids pearl millet laddu from biteskart for their breakfast or for snacks to schools. The refreshing taste of the sweet will make them active for the next classes at school. Every parents wants the child to study well that comes from being attentive in classes and writing notes. This laddu can provide that activation to the brain. Instead of having snacks at school canteen or giving packed snacks you can provide this pearl laddu.


Pearl Millet is one of the oldest cultivated crops since pre-historic times and ranks as the sixth most important grain in the world. It is known as Bajra in Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, and Oriya; Kamboo in Tamil and Malyalam; Sajjalu in Telugu, and Bajri in Marathi and Gujarati. It is a cereal crop grown at a very large scale in India. Africa and Asia has poor acidic medium of soil, which is usually highly unsuitable for wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, and barley. Pearl millet grows better than other cereals. In India, pearl Millet is commonly used as a major cereal in the states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.


  • Treats Iron Deficiency Anemia – Pearl millet is a very rich source of iron. Pearl millet also contained abundant amount of zinc, which is essential for normal growth and development of a strong immune system. 
  • Reduces Blood Sugar Levels – Pearl millet is very effectively used to maintain normal blood sugar levels. It has a high fiber content, which slows down digestion and releases the glucose into the blood at a slower rate, thereby helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels for a comparatively longer duration of time.
  • Aids in Weight Loss – It has high fiber content and usually takes a longer time for the cereal grain to move out from the stomach to the small intestines. Hence, pearl millet subsides hunger for a longer duration of time, eventually leading to lesser intake of calories, thereby helps to lose weight.
  • Reduces Cholesterol – Pearl millet contains a chemical, known as phytic acid, which is proposed to increase the cholesterol metabolism, thereby stabilizing the cholesterol level in the body. It also contains the vitamin niacin, which reduces the cholesterol.
  • Prevent Insomnia – Regular and moderate consumption of pearl millet relaxes the body, brings in a calm feeling, and fights off insomnia. A light breakfast with pearl millet ensures a stress-free day without headaches.
  • Benefits for women – Pearl millet is good for lactating mothers. Lactating mothers must include pearl millet in their diet to increase milk production. In addition, pearl millet has three times the amount of calcium, which is present in milk. Thus, the consumption of pearl millet is beneficial for both mother and the babies. Pearl millet is considered to be one of the best home remedies for menstrual cramps along with associated mood swings and irritability.

We have seen the benefits of the main ingredients still not satisfied; okay, lets see other added benefits

  • This contains jaggery powder. Refined white sugar contains only “empty calories” which has no nutrition as the molasses is removed in them. Whereas jaggery powder has vitamins, minerals, iron, potassium, magnesium and other extra nutrients. Even though it is also a sugar it is better than using white sugar on a daily basis.
  • Jaggery stimulates bowel movements and aids in digestion making it an ideal choice to prevent constipation.
  • It prevents anemia because of its higher iron content and women who have low hemoglobin complaints can make it a habit to add jaggery in their food on a regular basis to improve their condition.
  • It improves your immunity.
INGREDIENTS:  Pearl millet, jaggery powder, bengal gram, ghee, cashew nut. SHELF-LIFE:
  • Shelf-life of pearl millet laddu is 2 month.
  • Can be stored at room temperature.
  • Pearl millet laddu is available through out the year.
  • Shipped in 2-3 days when ordered.
  • All the items are prepared after the order is given, this is to ensure that our customers receive the most fresh items and hence takes 2 days for shipping.
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