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Mixbox Makhana Tomato
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Mixbox Makhana Tomato

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Makhana is the best healthy snacks to choose from. Roasted makhana is flavoured with mild salt and tomato. The tomato flavour gives it a tangy twist.

While popcorn is not the most unhealthy snack option, there’s something that’s an even healthier option. Yup, it’s our very own desi snack—makhana!

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Makhanas, also called fox nuts, or lotus seeds. Makhanas are rich in proteins and good carbohydrates. They contain a flavonoid called kaempferol, which has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. They are gluten-free, high in magnesium, which makes them suitable for heart patients. This high nutrition value of makhana makes them a perfect and healthy snack. The flavour of tomato gives it a tangy twist. whats Makhana price? Makhana price is high compared to pop corn due to its tough processing involved. whats Makhana nutrition value? the makhana nutrition is for 100 grams makhana gives around 347 calories of energy. And there are around 9.7 grams of proteins and 14.5 grams of fibre in makhana what are makhana benefits? Makhanas Are Gluten-Free This delish snack is absolutely gluten-free! So it means if you’re is gluten-intolerant or just prefer to avoid it, you can enjoy makhana without worrying about any unwanted reactions. They’re Low In Calories Makhanas are low in calories and also contain tons of fibre. So they help in increasing your metabolism and help you lose weight faster. They Strengthen Your Bones Makhanas contain a lot of calcium that helps in strengthening bones, and is also helpful for people who suffer from arthritis. How is Makhana processed? Haversting: Makhana harvest is a laborious method and requires skilled labour. The harvest takes place during morning at about 10:00 am and continues till about 3:00 pm. It takes around four to five hours to collect seeds at a time from the bottom of the pond or river. Cleaning: The day’s collection is put into a crescent-shaped container called gaanja, which is then shaken and swung repeatedly by touching the water surface until all the seeds get cleaned Dring: As soon as the makhanas dry, they require frying or else they tend to get spoilt easily. After frying, these seeds are then preserved in a container made of long bamboo strips Frying: The fried nuts are left to cool off and then these seeds are manually cleaned until the white puff pops out of the black coloured seeds. It is ensured that no residue of the black seed is left on the doubly expanded white puff and kept in packets for selling them in the markets.
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