Green gram laddu
Green gram laddu
Green gram laddu

Green gram laddu

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Ingredients: Green gram, roasted gram, country sugar, ghee, cashew

Rich in : Protein, Fiber, Antioxidants, Vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron.

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Green gram laddu


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Highlights :

  • Fresh home made laddu
  • Hygienically prepared
  • Made with premium quality country sugar
  • Made with premium quality uthukuli cow ghee
  • Made with green gram purchased directly from farmers
  • No artificial ingredients present
  • No added preservatives or colors
  • 100% Natural

Are you looking for a healthy dessert for everyday munch after a meal

or for sharing joy during festival time ? 

When it comes to buying a product people get soo much confused in choosing the right product, we are here to guide you. There are some common question people get in their mind during purchase.


We have seen people eating fresh sprouts everyday stay healthy and the main sprout that is consumed is green gram. The taste feels good for elders and body builders but for the kids ? we need to pressure them to consume green gram sprouts. We at biteskart have an alternative for this, we provide green gram laddu which is healthy and tasty. It is easily liked by the children and elders too. So if you see someone eating sprouts without any interest provide them an alternative by ordering green gram laddu at biteskart. We have gone through so many hurdle during the pandemic hence celebrate this festive season with friends and family with a box of green gram laddu from biteskart.


Carbonized green gram have been discovered in many archeological sites in India. Areas with early finds include the eastern zone of the Harappan civilization in modern-day Pakistan and western- and northwestern India, where finds date back about 4,500 years, and South India in the modern state of Karnataka where finds date back more than 4,000 years. Some scholars, therefore, infer two separate domestications in the northwest and south of India. In South India, there is evidence for the evolution of larger-seeded mung beans 3,500 to 3,000 years ago. By about 3500 years ago mung beans were widely cultivated throughout India. Cultivated mung beans later spread from India to China and Southeast Asia.


  • Helps Reduce Weight and Fights Obesity – Green gram are a filling food. The high fiber and protein levels produce longer satiety times due to the double increase of the satiety Therefore consuming it on a regular basis helps decrease food intake, thus lower weight and aid in fighting obesity.
  • Lowers blood pressure – It is a proven fact that green gram are fat controllers and regulators. Moreover, the presence of large amount of magnesium makes it a very potent BP regulator. It maintains the level of magnesium in the blood. 
  • Controls cholesterol and heart disease risk – By preventing oxidation of LDL, it keeps the arteries clear and improve blood circulation. Not only does this reduce inflammation, it reverses damage to the blood vessels. 
  • Help fight cancer – It keep free radicals under control. They have the ill-fate of interfering with normal cell growth. Abnormal cell growth can even lead to cancer. green gram is a natural suppressor of free radicals.
  • Boosts Immunity & Protects Against Infections – The wide variety of phytonutrients in green gram is not only anti – inflammatory but anti – microbial as well. These help fight harmful bacteria & viruses, maintain healthy gut bacteria and raise immunity levels. They ensure optimal digestive tract health and thus promote optimum nutrient absorption.
  • Improves skin health – Green gram adds shine and radiance to human skin due to the presence of copper.
  • Anti-Toxic Benefits – Toxicity is a serious problem and can have long lasting side-effects including ulcers and cancer. Consumption of green gram helps to keep your body free of toxins. 
  • Decreases PMS Symptoms – The various B complex vitamins, especially folate & B6, and magnesium help regulate hormonal fluctuations which cause these PMS symptoms.

We have seen the benefits of the main ingredients still not satisfied; okay, lets see other added benefits

  • This contains jaggery powder. Refined white sugar contains only “empty calories” which has no nutrition as the molasses is removed in them. Whereas jaggery powder has vitamins, minerals, iron, potassium, magnesium and other extra nutrients. Even though it is also a sugar it is better than using white sugar on a daily basis.
  • Jaggery stimulates bowel movements and aids in digestion making it an ideal choice to prevent constipation.
  • It prevents anemia because of its higher iron content and women who have low hemoglobin complaints can make it a habit to add jaggery in their food on a regular basis to improve their condition.
  • It improves your immunity.
INGREDIENTS:  Green gram, bengal gram, jaggery powder, ghee, cashew nut. SHELF-LIFE:
  • Shelf-life of green gram laddu is 2 months
  • Can be stored at room temperature.
  • Green gram laddu is available through out the year.
  • Shipped in 2-3 days when ordered.
  • All the items are prepared after the order is given, this is to ensure that our customers receive the most fresh items and hence takes 2 days for shipping.
You can also order other traditional snacks like uppu seedai, ragi mixture to enjoy along with the at with your family and friends.


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