Why millets are called as coarse grains?

Millets are called as coarse grains because their outer covering in rough and not smooth as rice or wheat. This is due to the high dietary fiber in them.

The term “coarse grains” generally encompasses a group of grains that have a rougher texture and larger grain size, such as millets, sorghum, barley, and corn. Millets have a distinctive appearance with their small, round or oval-shaped grains that can vary in colour from white and yellow to brown and even red. While millets may be called “coarse grains” in terms of their texture and size, they offer a wide range of nutritional benefits and are a valuable addition to a healthy diet.

Rice or wheat, which are commonly used as the stable food nowadays doesn’t have any fair less nutritional content when compared to millets. They can be a great solution to malnutrition all around the world.

In the modern era we are all scared of pesticides used in the cultivation of food. But due to the rigid nature of the millets they require less fertiliser, no pesticides and less water for irrigation which make it a safer food to consume and most versatile as it can be grown in any type of soil.

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