Introducing three different Christmas gift hampers festive season.

Christmas gift hamper
Christmas gift hamper


Christmas is celebrated on the date on which Jesus Christ was born. We all know that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem which is in Jerusalem to Virgin Mary. Since it happened many centuries ago there are many different theories about it. The name Christmas comes from Christ’s Mass, because of the mass that was present during the birth. Christmas is always meant to be a festival of joy. People across the world celebrate Christmas according to their culture and tradition. But the most important one is to pray the lord and share love with family and friends.


In India Christmas is celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians, because they see it as a festival of joy, sharing love and gifts. The main tradition here is to decorate the houses with many lights and stars and host a party with friends and family. Church members host a big prayer dedicated to the lord for forgiving our sins and the well-being throughout the night beginning from Christmas Eve.


The colours used in decoration are Red, Green and Gold which symbolises the blood shed by Jesus, the eternal life and evergreen tree that does not lose its leaves during winter, and the gold symbolises the gifts respectively. Christmas tree is recorded to be decorated and used from 16th century. The tree is decorated with lights and stars hanged to it and a star is kept on the top symbolising the Lord or in some tradition they keep an angel. A German missionary in 8th century pointed out that fir tree is more dedicated object of reverence because it pointed towards the heaven. And the triangle shape of the tree symbolises the trinity. Other objects used in decoration are bells, candles, candy cane etc. The gifts from Santa is said to be kept under the tree during the Christmas Eve.


The tradition is to celebrate with friends and family in the same house with lots of food and wine. The meal will contain turkey, goose, potato and breads. People cook and bring food from their home and share it together.


Exchanging gifts and cards are core aspects of Christmas, friends and family exchange useful gifts and good words written in the card. Like “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”. The usual gifts shared during Christmas are Sweets, Cookies, Sweaters, Toys for kids, Gift hampers containing Chocolates, sweets and cookies.


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