Our Goal..!!!

BitesKart is a movement in the revival of India’s gorgeous and lip-smacking food and snack tradition. We intend to introduce the real taste of Indian snacks and finger foods to the fast-paced Indian, to whom the real wealth of India’s greatest snacks have been long lost in time.  

To us, BitesKart is not just a business. It is a mother’s need to give her child access to safe, tasty, nutritious and healthy snacking as she had known growing up! Built from this basic need and, belief in the Indian food system, BitesKart went about bringing together like-minded traditional snack manufacturers from across the country, integrating them into one unique and easy to access online portal – BitesKart.com

BitesKart is particular about what it sells. No-chemical, No-preservative, and non-taste enhancer added, fresh snacks that meet food safety standards are all that you will find on BitesKart.com.

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