Natural Honey Amla

Health benefits of Honey Amla

Why run behind the fancy named detox drinks when you have naturally harvest Honey amla, practiced as a natural detoxifier for years . It is the best suggested intake in Indian Ayrurvedic Practices. It is proved evidentially that consumption of Honey amla helps in numerous ways. They improve our health metabolism by aiding in weight loss management, controlling sugar levels. It is also the best-chosen medication for curing asthma, liver, jaundice issues, helps in fertility issues and much more. It not only purifies the inner body, but it adds beaty to the skin, encourages hair growth, makes us look and feel younger. 

Simply, it can go well with the proverb “A honey amla a day, keeps the doctor away”!!! Order this heathy supplement online at, to indulge in its taste.

Yummy and healthy Honey Amla

Secret Recipe of Honey Amla

At biteskart, we give prime importance to the authenticity and packing of the supplement, so the pack reaches you safely without any alteration in quality or taste. Freshly plucked gooseberries are washed thoroughly for any impurities. It is then moist dried and put into glass containers of your required quantity. Purified, non-altered, naturally harvested forest honey is poured into the containers until the gooseberries soak well in it. Once the honey is absorbed well by the gooseberries it is then ready to consume. These are then served at your doorstep through your orders online at

It is best suitable supplement for all age groups. On a personal note, inculcating this habit of heathy foods in kids will support their growth physically and mentally. We recommend this to customers of all age groups , especially for kids as they are the ones who needs a strong foundation on their health to face a bright future ahead. Don’t compromise , buy them online immediately. Also check out our other products at to stay fit and enjoy luscious snack options.

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