Kadalai Mittai

Know me by different names!!!

Kadalai Mittai – a health sum crunchy candy is a best go to snack for people across the country ,crossing the language barrier. This delicious delicacy is known in India with different names as peanut candy, Chikki, layiya patti, layee, gajak, gur badam, palli patti, Kappalandi muthai and much more but the taste remains one & melts in our mouth as devamurtham beating all the desserts in earth. It may deceive us like an expensive dish, but it is as effortless and elegant dish to make as it looks. But the taste and health benefits it provides is unbeatable. Order Kadalai mittai online at biteskart to enjoy this rich delicacy by Manimark.

Kadalai Mittai Making and Health benefits

Why make noise only on its taste when this candy is lustrously filled with abundant health benefits. Let’s take a fanciful tour on its making, to see how health meets taste!!!  Wholesome peanuts are roasted until a fine mild aroma pinches our nose and are separated from any dust after roasting. They are then left aside to cool down. Evidentially, peanuts are a good source of nutrients than any nuts. They are high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and good fat. Don’t be astonished when we have plenty to come!!! Imagine, when all these benefits blend with an ingredient containing extremely high iron content. Yes, these peanuts are blended along with purified melted jaggery syrup and an ample amount of ghee, which gleams and smoothens the candy. Once blended well, the peanuts and jaggery syrup stick with each other inseparable as Laila & Majnu, too dramatic, isn’t it?? They are now laid in pan to be set well. Later, we can see them in a glossy square shaped handy Peanut candy.

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Not only that, but these are also a moment of memory for all 80’s and 90’s kids, who came across these candies in their school days. Let’s relive our childhood memories by enjoying this candy through your order online in bites kart.

At biteskart, we cater to your special wedding orders which is a part of every Tamil traditional ritual of treating all your guests with Kadalai mittai. Also, do reach us for customized packs for return gifts.

We look to hear from you, please share your comments on this divine dish and spread your love of sharing them with your friends and family

Delicious appetizing Peanut candy

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