Pearl Millet Cookie

Explore the fusion of tradition with trend with our pearl millet cookies at biteskart where health meets taste. The sense of taste and flavor of these cookies will help you get over the non-healthy options of Maida made cookies.

Modern cookie with traditional healthy millet options at Biteskart


  • Koda Millet flour
  • Wheat flour
  • Jaggery
  • Cashew


  • Pearl millet is soaked well in water, dried off from moisture and grinded into fine powder.
  • It is then sieved and roasted along with adequate amount of wheat flour
  • Both these flours are slightly roasted until mild aroma vaporizes in air. It is then set aside to cool off.
  • Once it cools off, heated and refined jaggery syrup is added in portions until a perfect and crumples soft dough is formed.
  • The dough is then left for fermentation. Post fermentation, the dough rises to perfect level. It is them cut into circular patties, baked and ready to serve.
  • Order pearl millet cookie online, to grab this delicacy at your doorstep through

Health Benefits:

  • Improves Bowel Movement
  • Promotes bone development
  • Aids in increasing red blood cells
  • High contents of protein, Vitamins, Calcium, Iron

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