Pepper Sev:

The Indian Households are not only filled with sweets on festive season, but savories too fill the homes with its rich aroma. One such savory that is unforgettable and appetizing is the Pepper Sev. How could one forget the experience of seeing the soft sev dough getting into the form of crispy and spicy pepper sev after its fresh bath in the hot oil!!!

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  • Besan
  • Rice flour
  • Black pepper
  • Asafetida powder
  • Refined oil
  • Salt
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  • Besan and rice flour fill the kitchens of every Indian household. They play a major role in this dish too. These two flours are taken in adequate amount, sieved, and mixed well with salt, Asafetida, and roughly crushed peppers.
  • The aroma of all the ingredients gives one a divine aroma of cooking.
  • With ample amount of water, this mixture is made into soft dough and left aside for some time to be fermented.
  • Once fermented, they are then fried carefully using a big ladle with holes.
  • A small round of soft dough is pressed against the ladle and the sev pieces gets dropped in the hot pan of oil.
  • It is then gently fried and are ready to be consumed hot and spicy.
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Health Benefits:

Presence of Pepper in this namkeen , makes it a good source of Vitamins A ,C & provides energy

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