Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses – highly used sweetener across the world. This is not only yummy when added to our daily meal like pancakes, desserts but increases our health through its wide health benefits. Order Blackstrap Molasses from Biteskart and add sparkle to your desserts and pancakes.


  • Sugarcane


Molasses: Types, nutrition, and benefits
Healthy Sweeting Agent – Blackstrap Molasses . Buy fresh at Biteskart
  • Best of the sugarcane are harvested and extracted out for its juice
  • This juice is then boiled well, that encourages sugar crystallization
  • The same juice is made to boil thrice, and the third extract is termed as Blackstap Molasses due to its dark texture and bitter taste.
  • On the third Boling the sugar is completely removed thus making it a healthy sweetening option
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Health benefits:

  • High and rich source of Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, VitaminB6 and potassium

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