Millet Laddus

Bored of munching the same varieties of Laddus?? Then why not switch to a healthier option from kitchens of the South – Kongunadu. Yes, you heard me right!! These millet laddu are made from centuries and been carried on for many generations. Buy millet laddus online at biteskart immediately.

Dive Deep into the taste of millet laddus at biteskart

Gluten Free delicacies

Folks of the present era are focusing on gluten free food by knowing its benefits, but our ancestors were far more advanced and always replaced rice options with such highly rich millet variety foods. one such lush, yummy yet healthful varieties are a range of Millet Laddus. These laddus are served at your doorstep fast with perfectly concealed packs through your orders online from 

At bites kart, we make a wide range of tasty millet ladoos from Foxtail, finger millet to Pearl millet. These nutrients from their raw form are cooked with authenticity and served to your platter with a traditional touch. I shall reveal the secret behind the making ….

Recipe to your delicacy

The millets are soaked and cleansed in water and left to dry in a soft cotton cloth. These dried millets now enjoy their sunbath in a hot iron kadai, where they are slowly roasted with the King of Indian Kitchen – ghee, partially grinded grams & inflated cashews. The aroma of them caressing each other, spreads in the air & pinches our nose strongly, making us crave for this delightful sweet more. While the millet is getting roasted, we on the other hand mix the brown country sugar along with a pinch of cardamom. Now, its time to shape the gollu gollu laddus. The brown sugar mixture is slowly added into the roasted ingredients, part by part until it gets into shape. Once the components mold well, getting a catchy full-some in hand, the laddu is ready to fill you stomach with iron, calcium and protein rich supplements.

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